West Condenser 300 mm 24/40

West Condenser 300 mm 24/40 - Avogadro's Lab Supply


SKU: W300

The West condenser consists of a straight tube surrounded by an outer tube or water jacket.
  • Manufactured from borosilicate glass
  • Standard taper outer joint at the top and a lower inner joint both of which are the same size
  • The West differs from the Liebig in the size of the inner tube.
  • Narrow annular space between jacket and inner tube of the West condenser provides for excellent cooling efficiency due to the increased flow rate of water.

Functional Length 300 mm / 12"
Overall Length 492 mm / 19.375"
Jacket Outside Diameter 22 mm / 0.86"
Joint Size 24/4024/40
Hose Connectors 10 mm / 0.39"