USA Rock, Mineral and Fossil Collection

USA Rock, Mineral and Fossil Collection - Avogadro's Lab Supply


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A sensational collection that reveals the varied and matchless geology of the United States of America! This collection includes specimens representing each of the 50 States. The rock, mineral or fossil selected to represent that state is individually "keyed" for identification. The key also contains a useful fact about a geologic feature for each individual state.
  • The 50 sample set is housed in a compartmented collection box and each 1 x 1 " specimen is keyed for identification
  • 50 State Fact Book
  • Bauxite, Gold Ore, Quartz Crystal, Pumice, Molybdenite, Garnet, Magnetite, Shark Tooth, Marble,Scoria, Quartzite, Fluorite, Gypsum, Geode, Limestone, Coal, Anhydrite, Tourmaline, Gneiss, Granite, Copper, Hematite, Alabaster, Galena, Chlorite, Agate, Lead Zinc Ore, Mica, Slate, Feldspar, Calcite, Beryl, Shale, Flint, Barite, Talc, Anthracite, Quartz, Kaolin, Rose Quartz, Sphalerite, Sulphur, Trilobite, White Marble, Kyanite, Petrified Wood, Sandstone, Red Granite, Jade