Specific Gravity Determination Bottle 10 mL

Specific Gravity Determination Bottle 10 mL - Avogadro's Lab Supply

Vee Gee Scientific

SKU: P34601

A 10 mL specific gravity determination bottle. Featuring a 24/4010/14 perforated stopper with a 2 mm tapered bore that is concave on the under side and flat on two sides.

The specific gravity bottle is another instrument (other than a hydrometer) used to measure specific gravity at 20 °C.
The bottle is weighed empty, filled with the liquid whose specific gravity is to be found, and then reweighed. The difference in weight is divided by the weight of an equal volume of water to give the specific gravity of the liquid.

The density of water @ 20 °C = 0.99821 g/cm3

Wt. Full - Wt. Empty = Specific Gravity
.99821 g/cm3 x (10 mL)