Sibata Volumetric Flask 5 mL Class A

Sibata Volumetric Flask 5 mL Class A - Avogadro's Lab Supply


SKU: 2306A-5

Sibata glassware is known throughout Japan and the USA for its high quality, precision laboratory glassware. These volumetric flasks meet the highest US Federal standards for ASTM E 288 Class A (Lab Grade) volumetric flasks. Sibata volumetric flasks have the same composition as Pyrex 7740 or Kimble KG-3
  • Machine-blown bodies with heavy beaded, heavy tubing necks, tooled for 24/40 stoppers.
  • Large, white block letters for easy reading of the labeling
  • Precise volume measurements @ 20°C
  • Sharp and permanent graduation lines
  • Supplied with a 24/409 ground glass stopper
Capacity 5 mL
Height 83 mm / 3.3"
Base Diam. 23 mm / 0.9"
Tolerance +/- 0.02 mL