Hydrometer Specific Gravity 1.840 to 1.920

Hydrometer Specific Gravity 1.840 to 1.920 - Avogadro's Lab Supply

Vee Gee Scientific

SKU: 6602-21

A Specific Gravity Hydrometer calibrated to show the ratio of a mass of liquid to an equivalent volume of distilled water @ 60 °F.

Manufactured in strict accordance to specifications for ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for accuracy and design. All instruments are suitable for certification for use as a primary reference standard with NIST traceability

Range 1.840 to 1.920
Subdivision 0.0005
Tolerance +/- 0.0005
Length 330 mm / 12.99"
The 450 mL hydrometer jar should be used with this instrument