Hydrion Micro Chlorine Test 10 to 200 ppm

Hydrion Micro Chlorine Test 10 to 200 ppm - Avogadro's Lab Supply

Micro Essentials

SKU: CM240

The Micro Chlorine Test is made with an improved paper that gives instant readings with chlorine sanitizing solutions. It is supplied in the convenient Hydrion Dispenser that protects the paper and at the same time allows the user to tear off strips of any desired length.
  • When the test paper is dipped into the sanitizing solution, it produces an immediate color reaction. This color can be matched at once to the color chart for a reading of the chlorine strength. The match points on the color chart indicate 10-50-100-200 ppm of free available chlorine.
  • The Micro Chlorine Tester consists of a dispenser with a color chart and a 15' X 5/32" roll of test paper, plus one refill roll of test paper. Each tester furnishes sufficient test paper for well over 200 tests.
  • The Hydrion Chlorine Test Paper provides the user with a simple, reliable, and economical means of meeting Federal and State health requirements.