High Temperature Bunsen Burner - All Gases

High Temperature Bunsen Burner - All Gases - Avogadro's Lab Supply


SKU: H5900

High temperature Bunsen burner manufactured by Humboldt. It will burn either LP or Natural gas. This burner produces a clear flame of any desired height from 1/2" (12.7 mm) to 12" (305 mm) with separate control of both the flame temperature and length.

  • Precision machined fine-pitch brass needle valve
  • Threaded aluminum air control sleeve
  • Rustproof 3.5" octagon-shaped plated die-cast base.
  • (16 mm) .625" aluminum mixing tube
  • 1.25 " Perforated monel and wire mesh heat intensifier
  • Overall height (171 mm) 6.75"
  • Heat output of 13,420 BTUs
Works great with the Control Valve Regulator and Latex Tubing