Hexagonal Antistatic Weigh Boats Large

Hexagonal Antistatic Weigh Boats Large - Avogadro's Lab Supply


SKU: HS14251C

Weigh Boats aree used to protect the scale tray while weighing substances that will be transferred to another vessel. These hexagonal boats are made from 100% virgin polystyrene and have flat bottoms, and sloping sides which can be bent at the points to provide accurate transfers of liquid, powered or granular samples..

They are chemically inert and resistant to alcohol or dilute acids and bases. They can be used with microwave moisture analyzers and will withstand temperatures up to 70 °C / 158 °F.

Count 100
Size Top / Base Width Volume
Large 102 mm / 76 mm 160 mL
  • FDA / Food-Grade Compliant