Fractional Distillation Apparatus

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SKU: AVO-00506

Fractional Distillation Apparatus
(Glassware only)

  •  2000 mL round bottom, short neck boiling flask with a full length outer 24/4024/40 joint manufactured from borosilicate glass.
  • 300 mm Vigreux fractional distillation column manufactured from borosilicate glass with inner and outer24/4024/40 joints. The vigreux column is constructed with indentations over the entire length to increase vapor-liquid contact.
  • Distillation adapter the side arm is positioned at 75° from the bottom inner joint and 75 mm from the top outer joint. This adapter will accept a standard 24/4010/30 taper, 75 mm immersion thermometer.
  • Accusafe, precision red spirit filled 10/30 standard taper joint thermometer.
  • 300 mm Liebig condenser has a straight inner tube sealed in an outer water jacket.
  • Drip Tip Adapter

Recommended Hardware
6 x 9 Support Stand w/ 24" Rod
6 X 11" Support Stand w/ 36" Rod
Four Finger Extension Clamp w/ Boss Head
Three Finger Condenser Extension Clamp w/ Boss Head