Drierite Desiccant 6 mesh

Drierite Desiccant 6 mesh - Avogadro's Lab Supply


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Drierite desiccant is anhydrous calcium sulfate an all purpose drying agent for the efficient and rapid drying of air, industrial gases, refrigerants, organic liquids and solids.

For the drying of liquids, Drierite instantly absorbs 6.6 weight percent water by chemical action, yielding the hemihydrate CaSO4 .1/2H20.

For the drying of gases, Drierite has a water capacity of 10 to 14 weight percent. This increased capacity is due to combined chemical and capillary action. Drierite granules have a highly porous granular structure absorbing water both by hydration and capillary action.

Composition CaSO4
Size 6 mesh 1/8" / granule
Net Wt. 1 lb.