15 Piece Anatomy Dissection Kit

15 Piece Anatomy Dissection Kit - Avogadro's Lab Supply

Surgical Design

SKU: 10285258


15 quality stainless steel dissection instruments in a double fold vinyl case.

Iris Scissor 4.5" S.S. with fine sharp points
Dissecting Scissor 5.5" S.S. one sharp one blunt point
Hemostat Tissue Forceps 5.5" S.S. with serrated tip
Hemostat Tissue Forceps 6.5" S.S. with serrated tip
Specimen Forceps knurled shanks
Dissecting Forceps 4.5" S.S. with straight fine points
Blow Pipe 6" nickel plated brass
Mall Probe 6" S.S. angular medium point
Teasing Needle - straight 5" with metal chuck
Teasing Needle - angular 5" with metal chuck
Tissue Retractor 3" S.S. with knurled shank and hooks
Scalpel Handle #3 5" S.S. with sliplock design
Surgical Scalpel Blades 12, #10 sterile blades
Section Lifter 5" S.S. with wooden handle
Plastic Ruler 6" / 15 cm