Chapmen Vacuum Hydro Aspirator Filter Pump - Humboldt-

Chapmen Vacuum Hydro Aspirator Filter Pump - Humboldt- - Avogadro's Lab Supply


SKU: H-12020

The Chapmen aspirator is designed for greater air entrainment capacity and will perform under both high and low water pressure conditions. The pump features a ball-type positive action valve in the suction tube which will prevent water back-flow if the pressure is reduced.
The body is a nickel plated white metal and the baffle tube is manufactured from aluminum. The water inlet connection thread is a standard 3/8" NPT taper. This pump can be used for siphoning, vacuum filtration and indirect fluid transport.
The Chapmen hydro aspirator vacuum filter pump is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Humboldt.

Vacuum Inlet: 10 mm / .385"
Water Outlet: 10 mm / .385"
Length: 137 mm / 5 3/8"
Vacuum generated @ 30 psi 29.5" Hg

At a water pressure of 30 psi this aspirator will reduce atmospheric pressure by 29.5" Hg.

Standard pressure 29.92" Hg = 1 atm
Vacuum - 29.50" Hg
Net pressure = 0.42" Hg = 0.014 atm

The actual vacuum attained with this pump is directly proportional to the water pressure and current barometric pressure!