Certified Digital Ambient RoomThermometer -50 to 70 C Cert @ +22ºC

Certified Digital Ambient RoomThermometer -50  to 70 C Cert @ +22ºC - Avogadro's Lab Supply



Ambient Room -50 to 70 ºC Certified @ +22.0 ºC

The Triple display digital thermometer simultaneously shows the current, minimum, and maximum temperatures and updates continuously. An audible alarm will sound when the temperature rises above or goes below the set temperatures. The minimum/maximum feature monitors critical temperature for any period of time, such as overnight or weekend. Reset buttons on front panel.

  • Triple temperature display - Current, minimum, & maximum temperatures
  • Audible alarm
  • NIST Traceable
  • Each thermometer individually serialized
  • Certificate provided with 1 critical temperature certified
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5 ºC, Resolution 0.1 ºC / º
  • Temperature probe housed in plastic bottle filled with a Non-Toxic No n-Hazardous liquid medium
  • Bottles and thermometers have double magnets
  • ºC and ºF Switchable
  • Supplied with AAA alkaline battery
  • Thermometer can be used to monitor ambient temperatures
  • Flip-open stand
  • Wall mounting key hole
  • Bottle Media 50% Ethylene Glycol 30 mL