Meker High Temperature Burner

Meker High Temperature Burner - Avogadro's Lab Supply


SKU: H5600

A grid top Meker Burner by Humboldt which produces an extremely hot flame with a uniform blue cone of intense heat and no back flash.

Natural Gas 12,810 BTUs                         LP Gas 10980 BTUs

Meker burners differ from bunsen not only in the high temperature produced, but also in heat distribution within the flame. The zone near the base of the Meker flame exhibits maximum temperature (1775 C) while the base of the bunsen is comparatively cold.

  • One piece 1.125 Venturi Tube
  • Plated Octagonal Base
  • Grid Diameter (38 mm) 1.5
  • Height (216 mm) 8.5"
  • Fine pitch threaded gas valve 1.25"diameter and rotatable air ports
  • (8 mm) .3125" riffled gas inlet tube

Works great with the control valve regulator and latex tubing.