2000 mL Vacuum Filtration Set

2000 mL Vacuum Filtration Set - Avogadro's Lab Supply



Here is everything you need to perform physical separations!

Filtration Flask - 2000 mL
  • Features a heavy rim, tooled top finish, thick wall construction, and a durable matte marking space.
  • With a low coefficient of expansion, borosilicate glass has demonstrated remarkable resistance to chemical, mechanical and thermal shock.
Porcelain Buchner Funnel - 120 mm
  • Features a fixed perforated plate which is glazed both inside and out.
Mity Vac Silverlne Vacuum Pump
  • This unit will produce a 25" Hg vacuum .
  • Features a convenient trigger vacuum release.
  • Repairable - All Mityvac Silverline and Selectline hand pumps feature a simple, repairable design. A exploded diagram is included.
  • This pump can also be used for siphoning, and indirect fluid transport
Also Included
  • Filter Aid
  • 11 cm Filter Paper (100 Disc's)
Flask Specifications:
Height 10.24" / 27.2 cm
Outside Base Diameter 6.62" / 16.8 cm
Inside Neck Diameter 1.68" / 4.9 cm
Volume 2000 mL
Buchner Funnel Specifications:
Height 17.2 cm
Inside Diameter 110 mm
Bowl Depth 44 mm
Volume 418 cc