DiST1 - TDS Tester, Range 0 to 1990 ppm

DiST1 - TDS Tester, Range 0  to 1990 ppm - Avogadro's Lab Supply

Hanna Instuments

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The DiST1 TDS meter with automatic temperature compensation by Hanna Instruments. It is supplied complete with an ABS storage case, protective cap, screwdriver and batteries.

DiST is an affordable pocket tester that ensures precise TDS readings. Simply immerse the tester in the solution and the reading will be clearly displayed.

Automatic temperature compensation ensures correct readings. The digital display allows the operator to see the readings from every angle. Calibration is very simple to perform: immerse the tester in the calibration solution and adjust the trimmer on the rear of the meter until the correct value is displayed.

Total Dissolved Solids are the total weight of all solids that are dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in units of mg per unit volume of water (mg/L), also referred to as parts per million (ppm).

Range 0 to 1990 ppm (mg/L)
Resolution 10 ppm
Temperature Compensation Automatic from 41 to 122 °F
Dimensions 150 x 30 x 21 mm  (5.9 x 1.2 x 0.8")
Battery Type
4 x 1.5V
150 hrs
Weight: 70 g (2.5 oz.)

The DiST1 is pre-calibrated by Hanna at the factory, periodic recalibration is recommended.