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Vacuum Hydro Aspirator Filter Pump - Humboldt-

# H-12090


The hydroaspirator will perform under both high and low water pressure conditions.  The pump features a ball-type positive action valve in the suction tube which will prevent water backflow if the pressure is reduced.  The water inlet connection thread is a standard 3/8" NPT taper.  The hydro aspirator vacuum filter pump is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Humboldt.




Vacuum Inlet:

9 mm / .35"

Water Outlet:

9 mm / .35"


76 mm / 3.0"

Vacuum generated  @ 30 psi

29.5" Hg


At a water pressure of 30 psi this aspirator will reduce atmospheric pressure by 29.5" Hg.

Standard pressure

  29.92" Hg  =       1 atm
Vacuum - 29.50" Hg
Net pressure       =      0.42" Hg  = 0.014 atm

 The actual vacuum attained with this pump is directly proportional to the water pressure and current barometric pressure!



Price: $29.50
Vacuum Hydro Aspirator Filter Pump - Humboldt-
$ 29.50 New Available online
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