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Milwaukee DL125 pH / ORP Temp Data Log Controller w/ WiFi

# DL125



Digital Controllers in Water Treatment Applications

Water treatment management can be a complicated and inefficient process for industrial applications, Saltwater and Freshwater aquariums, agriculture, aquaculture, food processing, pools & spas, hydroponics or anywhere that requires the combination of a number of physical and chemical processes to keep the water environment on application target. Our digital, data logging, IOT based controllers make this management process very easy.


Why Choose the DL Black Box product line of Controllers?


The Black Box DL product line of Controllers gives you true total control over pH – ORP – Temp and coming soon EC/TDS and D.O. parameters. These functions are monitored and controlled with ease through the MCU based central command unit. This digital base unit provides the user with heads up alerts and alarms by text and email as well as built in visual references. All of that is incorporated into the Wi-Fi interface giving the user the capability of Full-duplex data interaction from anywhere in the world through a web portal. (These are all IOT based units) An additional feature is the historical data logging and snapshot options. These features provide extensive historical information that can be sliced anddiced to provide analytical data as needed.
Comprehensive Design Includes all of these popular features:
    • LED Back Lights - on each side give a visual indication when the unit is in normal operation mode (blue), alert mode (yellow), or alarm mode (red)
    • Large LCD Readout - High resolution white type on blue background is easy to read even in bright light.  Shows most recent log value, date, time, and current reading simultaneously. 
    • "Light" Button - Turns off LCD screen and Normal/Alert,Alarm LED backlights to eliminate the distraction at night but unit does not stop logging function or any controlling functions. 
    • Snapshot feature takes "real-time" reading - Manual click of snapshot button displays pH reading and enters into log without interferring with the selected sampling rate.
    • Automatic Defective Probe Detection - When probe validation software detects inaccurate reading, display indicates *Defective Probe of Calibration Standard.* 
    • Automatic Calibration, menu-driven, with 1-point, 2-point, or 3-point calibration - Smaller target areas work best with 1 and 2 point calibration to assure greater accuracy; use 3 point when broader range calculations are expected. 
    • Utilizes any capacity SD card; full (standard), mini, and micro with adapters - If power supply is interrupted, SD card retrains all logged data. 
    • Digital Temp Sensor - Waterproof with a 6.5ft length, 3.5mm connector 
    • 7FT RJ45 Communication Cable - To power bar which is standard with all controllers.  Power bar can be positioned up to 50ft.  The RJ45 plug has back feed power lockout for the unit protection. 
    • Position for pH probes - or later, the EC/TDS and D.O probe - Master base board has built in FLP (ground loop preventer) shield which guarantees an accurate measurement without interference and in addition provides the unit and probes protection from external stray power which extends probe life.
    • Real Time Data - Direct to PC or Mac or phone or tablet through the WiFi on board utilizing the new TI CC3100 SimpleLink Wifi network processor technology & cloud portal.  User has Full Duplex data control.


Range pH 0.01 pH to 14.00 pH
Range ORP Full -1000 to +1000 mV
pH Resolution - User Select Tenths (0.1 pH) - hundredths (0.01 pH) - Thousands (0.001) pH
ORP Resolution - Fixed 1 mV
Accuracy @ 77°F pH 0.02 pH and 5 mV
pH & ORP Set Point Range Full pH Scales 0.00 to 14.00 -- Full ORP scale -1000 mV to +1000 mV
Activation Parameter User Select above or below activation set point
Visual Alert/Alarm LED backlight blue = normal; yellow = alarm; red = alert -- (pH only)
Probe Protection On Master Board GLP chipset ( Ground Loop Preventor )
Circuit Board Protection On Master Board RJ45 Backfeed Prevention Chipset
Operational Environment 15°F to 180°F : (-10°C to 85°C)
Temperature Accuracy 0.3°C or 0.5°F
SD Data logging card Full Size 4 GB Included with unit
Power Supply International Plug Set - No converter needed
pH Electrode / ORP Electrode MA911B/2 Lab Grade pH Electrode & MA921B/2 Lab Grade ORP Electrode
RJ-45 Cable 7 foot RG45 provided -- Optional up to 50 feet
Controller Power Box 1 plug for pH dosing or CO2 solenoid control & 1 plug for ORP dosing or Ozone





Milwaukee DL125 pH / ORP Temp Data Log Controller w/ WiFi
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