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Metamorphic Rock Collection

# 2226

Metamorphic rocks are formed from existing rock by the action of heat, pressure and chemicals.  This collection contains 15 rock specimens composed of foliated and non-foliated specimens.

  • Each specimen is approximately 1.5 x 1.5" in size and keyed for identification
  • The key also includes useful information regarding the rocks composition, structure, texture and formation


  • Foliated: Gneiss, Graphite Schist, Muscovite Schist, Biotite Schist
                      Garnet Schist, Slate, Amphibolite, Talc Schist, Phyllite
  • Non-Foliated: Quartzite, Serpentinite, Marble, Serpentine Marble
                               Anthracite, Hornfels - Contact Metamorphism
Price: $23.00
Metamorphic Rock Collection
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