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Magnesium Ribbon

# 4-807
Magnesium Ribbon

Magnesium Ribbon

  • Magnesium  ribbon 1/8" x 50' Approximately 25 grams per roll. Contains 99% Mg, 0.5% Zn and 0.5% Pb


Physical Data     Cas No:7439-95-4   EC No: 231-104-6


Silver or gray, rod, turnings or ribbon

Melting point

650 C

Boiling point

1107 C

Vapour Pressure

1 mm @ 621 C

Specific Gravity


Flash Point

634 C (closed cup)

Auto Ignition Temp

510 C


Stable. Reacts violently with halogens, chlorinated solvents and chloromethane. Air & moisture sensitive. Incompatable with acids, acid chlorides and strong oxidizing agents. Highly flammable.

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Magnesium Ribbon
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Magnesium Ribbon
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