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Handheld Refractometer CTX-2 Battery Acid / Coolant

# 43064
 Vee Gee Scientific

The CTX-2 handheld refractometer.  It is simple to operate and will provide you with quick and accurate concentration measurements of propylene glycol, ethylene glycol and battery acid.

  • Automatic Temp Compensation
  • Largest & Sharpest Display Available
  • Exclusive "Zero Ring" Requires No Calibration Tools
  • Durable, All Metal Design

Operation consists of placing a drop of the sample on the prism, closing the daylight plate, then looking through the focusable cushioned rubber eyepiece for reading.

Tool - Free Calibration - Place a few drops of distilled water on the prism turn the Zero Ring until the shadow line is at the correct value and lock the set screw.






Freezing Point Ethylene Glycol

 -60 to 32°F


 ± 0.2°F

Freezing Point Propylene Glycol

 -50 to 32°F


 ± 0.2°F

Specific Gravity Battery Acid

  1.15 to 1.4


 ± 0.01

Durable rugged construction backed by a
1 Year Warranty

Supplied with storage case, transfer pipet and instruction manual 


Price: $143.80 USD
Handheld Refractometer CTX-2 Battery Acid / Coolant
$ 143.80 New Available online
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