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Fluorescent Mineral Collection

# 2375

This collection contains 15 long and short wave fluorescent mineral specimens. Fluorescence is an unusal property in that some minerals will emit visible light when exposed to short or long (blacklight) wave ultraviolet light or x-rays. UV photon energy excites the electrons of these minerals and they move to a higher energy orbital (excited state).  When the electrons fall back to the ground state they release that energy as visible light. Fluorescense is a reliable tool for mineral identification.

  • Each 1.5  x 1.5" specimen is keyed for identification 
  • The key also includes useful information regarding the name of each mineral and color of light emitted.


  • Barite, Hydrozincite, Calcite, Travertine, Willemite, Selenite Rose, Scheelite, Hanksite, Fluorite, Bituminous Coal, Hackmanite, Coquina, Turritella Agate, Aragonite, Chalcedony
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Fluorescent Mineral Collection
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