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Arabica Brewing and Extraction Apparatus

# AVO-00513
Arabica Brewing and Extraction Apparatus

Arabica Brewing and Extraction Apparatus as seen on Makezine.com

Offered here are the components required to complete the assembly.



1000 mL Florence RB Flask (1)

Four Finger Extension Clamp (1)

1000 mL Griffin Beaker (1)

Tubing Clamp (2)

7 mm Borosilicate Tubing 24" (1)

Butane Micro Burner (1)

Thistle Tube 150 mm (1)

# 8 Stopper (1)

6 x 9" Support Stand w/ 24" Rod (2)

 Latex Tubing (3")


Principles of Operation: This apparatus is also known as a Florence Siphon.  When heat energy is applied to a liquid the molecules of the liquid begin to vibrate and move faster.  The motion of the molecules colliding with each other and the sides of the container produces a pressure.  This pressure pushes the boiling water out of the flask through the tubing and into the beaker containing the coffee grounds. Once the heat source is removed from the boiling flask the remaining air and water molecules begin to cool and contract creating a vacuum in the flask.  It is this vacuum that draws (siphons) the now brewed coffee back through the tubing and into the boiling flask.  

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Arabica Brewing and Extraction Apparatus
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