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4 x 4 Talboys Advanced Ceramic Hotplate Stirrer

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The Talboys 4 x 4" Advanced Hotplate-Stirrer is manufactured in the USA and it delivers accurate and repeatable results.  Low profile, space saving design takes up less space in the lab.  Spill-resistant housing channels fluids away from internal components.  Front panel features easy-to-use controls which allow users to dial-in adjustments.  Integral support rod holder with locking knob accepts the optional support rod and clamp kit .


Micro-processor control- Regulates both heating and stirring functions. Ramping feature slowly increases speed to avoid splashing, improves magnetic coupling and provides excellent low speed control.


LED Display- Shows set point temperature. Display is easy-to-read and provides repeatable and accurate results every time.


Hot Top Indicator - For additional safety, hot symbol warning light is illuminated when unit is heated above 40°C.  Remains on until unit cools below 40°C, even when heater is turned off.


Electronic Stir Brake - Quickly stops spin bar when stir function is turned off. Powerful, continuous duty motor and magnet deliver dependable and reliable stirring for a long service life.

Stir Protection- If stirrer motor stops or fails, unit will automatically shut down heater.

Overshoot Protection- If unit exceeds set temperature by 10°C unit will automatically shut down.

Recall Last Temp- Built-in memory allows users to recall last set temperature even when unit has been turned off.


Warranty- Two years material and workmanship.  Instruction manual included.

Price: $595.00 USD
4 x 4 Talboys Advanced Ceramic Hotplate Stirrer
$ 595.00 New Available online
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