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  The current forecast is for Partly cloudy with little temperature change.   The temperature is 41.6F  and the humidity is 73% but it feels like 41.1 F.   Todays high temperature was 55.2F and it occured at 1:26pm.   The barometric pressure is 1029.7mb and it is Steady.   The wind is gusting from the  SSE with a ten minute average speed of 0.0 mph.   Todays high UV index was 2.0  at 12:28pm.   The high solar radiation was 772 W/m  which occured at 10:50am.  The sun will rise at  6:33am and it will set at  5:49pm.  The current phase of the moon is a New Moon .                   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Dont forget to visit Avogadro's Lab Supply for great deals on all your lab supply needs!!!    

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Weather Station

39 47' 27" N   74 44' 48" W
Elevation 74 feet

02/27/17   10:14pm

  Weather Vane   

CWOP: C5292

Current Weather
Shamong, NJ

Current Outside Temperature    Current Outside Humidity    Current Outside Dewpoint

Current Wind Chill    Current THW Index    Current Heat Index

Current Wind Direction  Current UV Index  Current Solar Radiation  Current Wind Speed

Evapotranspiration  Current Barometer  Barometer History

Today's Rain  Storm Rain Total  Current Rain Rate  Monthly Rain Total  Yearly Rain Total

SSE at 0.0 mph
1029.7 mb & Steady
Today's Rain
0.00 in
Rain Rate
0.00 in/hr
Storm Total
0.00 in
Monthly Rain
1.04 in
Yearly Rain
4.29 in
Wind Chill
THW Index
Heat Index
0.0 index
Solar Radiation
0 W/m
Today's Highs/Lows

High Temperature

Low Temperature

55.2F   at   1:26pm

23.7F  at    4:42am

High Humidity

Low Humidity

94%    at   7:57am

35%   at   1:42pm

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

35.0F   at   7:28pm

21.0F  at  12:00am

High Barometer

Low Barometer

1031.3 mb   at  10:02am

1026.6 mb  at   12:00am

High Rain Rate

0.00 in/hr   at  ----m

Low Wind Chill

24.0F   at   2:00am

High Heat Index

53.0F   at  12:46pm

High UV

2.0 index  at   12:28pm

High Solar Radiation

772 W/m  at   10:50am

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